Structural Health Remote Monitoring System (SHRMS)

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SHRMS allows ensuring structural and operational security in structures such as bridges and aircraft, providing reliable information to early alert about the damage of the structure. A SHRMS consists of a remote unit, or a set of remote units, located at the structure to be monitored and a local or central unit that gathers information from the remote unit(s) and presents it to a user. Gathered information can include vibration, humidity, temperature, etc.

Explicit Requirements

The following describes the requirements captured from the stakeholders for the system design.

  • The local system shall send information to the remote system.
  • The local system shall recieve information to the remote system.
  • The local system shall show the received data.
  • The local system shall management the received data.
  • The remote system shall capture the conditions of the structure, particularly the vibration measurements.
  • The remote system shall management and processing the captured information.
  • The remote system shall visualize the captured data.
  • The remote system shall send the information to the local system in encrypted form
  • The remote system shall supply energy to the entire system.



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