Creating the Model and the Packages

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The first step is to create a general project. This project must be named with the system name in our case SHRMS. Inside the project it is added a SysML model from Topcased Editor, which is defined as an Empty model with the Block Definition Diagram (BDD) as the default diagram.

The new model is created with a default package identified with the name SHRMS, this name must be modified to "LogicalSolution" and a new package named "Requirements" must be created. Inside the "Requirements" two additional packages must be created, the packages "Stakeholders" and "System Technical". Additionally, the "Requirements" package is subdivided in "Aquirer Requirements" and “Other Stakeholders”.

Inside the "Acquirer requirements" package one package for each stakeholder must be created. In our case the packages "Supervision and Maintenance Engineer" and "Current Infrastructure" are created. In the "current infrastructure" package are identified the following classifications: "Functional requirements", "Interface requirements" and "Technical requirements" (user manual). The same classification must be created inside the "System Technical" package.

Finally, the SysML model structure of the SHRMS will look as presented in Fig 1 (from the Outline View).

shrms modelpackages

Fig1. Packages Structure SHRMS

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